Winter 2017-2018

Holocaust Games at Summer Camp

A toddler daughter becomes a Jew. Golda Meir and losing elections. That intergenerational Jewish lesbian couple. Barbra Streisand, a Catholic girl's rabbi. Holocaust games at Jewish summer camp. Lilith's 2017 Short Fiction Contest winners.

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My Adopted Daughter Becomes a Jew


For years, when people asked me how many children I had, I wasn’t sure how to answer. It could be anything from 0–3. I have one stepdaughter who lives with us half the time. I have one foster daughter who lived with us for nine months before she was reunited with her mom, but they... Read more »

Street of the Deported


Edith played with her father’s wooden leg like it was a horse on a carousel. He pedaled at the sewing machine with his other leg, singing to Lakmé on the radio. The wool of his pants scratched her cheek. Her mother, belly big with her sister, knelt and huffed around a crabby woman, who swiveled... Read more »

Holocaust Games at Summer Camp


Julie Klausner and Natasha Lyonne are mere seconds into their podcast “How Was Your Week?” interview and already they’re on the Holocaust. It starts when Klausner, a comedian and the podcast’s host, compliments Lyonne on her ring. “I am transfixed,” Klausner gushes. “Is there an eye? ’Cause it looks like the evil eye from here.”... Read more »

Barbra Streisand Was My Rabbi


My Polski family didn’t celebrate Christmas like other families. While December 25 was the big day for everybody else, my father insisted on sticking to Old Country ways. In LagowskiLand, we celebrated on Wigilia, or Christmas Eve. With the appearance of the first evening star, three funny Lagowskis gathered around the dining room table. My... Read more »

Growing Up Baptist, Caught by Judaism


“Your church friends are always your best friends,” Pastor Yeman was fond of saying, and it was sure true for me growing up in Greenland Avenue Baptist. Bonny Atkins, my next door neighbor, the Magate twins, Gale and Dale and Pat Lovelace–those were my girls. We did everything together and shared all our secrets. We... Read more »

When You’re That Intergenerational Jewish Lesbian Couple


The first time I kissed Cara was roughly two hours after every major news network declared Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States. “I have a twofold plan,” I told my best friend, Nedda, earlier in the evening as I dabbed Aquaphor on my lips. “It’s foolproof. Plan A: Hillary wins, we crack... Read more »

When Golda Meir Ran for Mayor of Tel Aviv, Won the Most Votes, and Lost the Election


[In 1955,] Golda Meyerson ran for mayor of Tel Aviv. She let everyone know that she did this for the party. She had no interest in giving up her job as labor minister, she said, but [Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion wanted someone from Mapai [his party] to gain control of this key post, and he... Read more »

In Which I Overhear Leah Praying in Bed


I’d heard of this place,  a beautiful expanse in which you could be lostand then found. I think it was called  the sea. I wanted to go with Rachel, to become wet and dry and wet  and dab each other’s noses with sand. I prayed to You  that we might go. I wanted to go just me and... Read more »



A baked potato is not as big as the worldBetty Friedan wrote, famously, in 1963.But what if the world were an enormous baked potato,each continent a curl of butter in a vast, carbohydrate sea?In a baked potato world, woman rules,and the happy housewife eschews alliteration for truth. Who wants to know the truth?Even the most... Read more »

The Curiosa Section


2017 Lilith Fiction Contest: Second Place



Because when you listened to me, you did that tilty thing with your head, that thing that says, yes, yes, I hear you. Because when we were roommates in the ’80s, you took a wire hanger and twisted it into a headpiece to hold your phone, hands free, so you could talk to your boyfriend... Read more »



In the spring of 2005, my Hunter High School classmates were preparing a 40th reunion and exchanging news and questions on our listserv. I seized upon the opportunity to raise a question I had never raised while we were teenagers: was anyone still thinking about the unpleasant, often disgusting sexual encounters — I did not yet formulate... Read more »

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