Winter 2008-2009

Daughters on mothers: the story that never goes away. The Sh’ma, Judaism's most famous prayer, radically rewritten for women. When a man you love is losing his mind. Italy’s only female rabbi.

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Daughters on Mothers

The Story That Never Goes Away

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Peace is the blithe distraction


Peace is the dream you sleep for.Peace is a lily shared by two people with knives.Peace is prettier, but war has more to say. Peace may not be possible with... Read more »

The plague is the “to do” list


Just for once, I am all caught up. And this should be the mantra,The brucha, the Haggadah; Freedom from our slavery isThe tearing up of lists. Let those errands go.The... Read more »

Fanny in Ottoman Palestine


In 1914, she ran away from her Jewish home in Palestine with the Turkish governor, a Muslim. Turns out this forgotten foremother, a distant cousin, now fits beautifully into Alexiou’s own complex family mosaic.

Mother, I’ll Always Take Care of You


Properly, I ought to begin this account by telling when I was born. But — I am ashamed to admit it — I do not know. You see, I was... Read more »

Left Behind


I was about to have my hair trimmed. A new young woman replaced my usual hairdresser. It would be the first time I’d had a black hairdresser. “You needn’t worry,”... Read more »



I submerged. the warm water surrounded me in a velvety- smooth embrace and penetrated my skin, softening my clenched muscles. I had been braced for the icy cold swimming pool... Read more »

“If Hitler Didn’t Kill Me, You Will”


I was aware, from a very early age, that my parents were survivors of the holocaust. My mother survived labor camps and Auschwitz, while my father miraculously lived through 14... Read more »

Only One of Us Can Wear This Dress, Ma


The year was 1956. My family lived in a public housing project in Astoria, Queens, a working-class melting pot fifteen minutes and a thousand miles from Manhattan. It took all... Read more »

Fated To Be Ahead of Her Time


My mother’s tallit rested heavy and lopsided around my shoulders, pink fringes tickling my knees. I was standing before the congregation, reading from the Torah for the first time in... Read more »

What Beauty Does


When her husband suffers a debilitating brain injury, Shulman’s world, and her love, have to bend.

The Shekhinah Sh’ma: Six Little Words to Shake the World


The Sh’ma, Judaism’s most famous prayer, radically rewritten for women.

Sima’s Undergarments for Women


Sima would say, afterwards, that she didn’t come to the bra business — it came to her. “You need to keep yourself busy,” Connie told her. They’d run into each... Read more »

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