Winter 2007-2008

How Jewish women fare in the world of Internet dating.  In the Talmud, a traveling rabbi’s one-night stands. Lactivism! A new mother’s breastfeeding led her right into politics.

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Lilith Feature

Is E-Dating Good For Jewish Women?

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The Shul Detective


A graphic diary of her adventures in Gotham

How I Became A Lactivist


A mother’s induction into the utterly traditional maternal activity of breastfeeding. And how it pulled her into politics (of a sort).

Finding Myself In Iceland


When Horn needs to escape after an icy divorce, can a vacation in the chill restore her soul to her, the way the morning prayer promises?

A Shrink (Anonymously) Reflects


On a hot September day, I wandered around an antiques show in Maine (a crowded, many-boothed affair spread over acres), and paused to look at a tray of arrowheads in a booth devoted to Native American artifacts. One of the booth owners came over to me and said, “Please come in and feel free to spend... Read more »

And An Expert Says…


Internet dating creates a lot of opportunity, but it can also turn the idea of netting a partner into something like fishing: after you’ve caught your fish, you’ve pretty much accomplished your goal. From a relational point of view, “catching the fish” is only the first frame in life’s board game. After that, there’s so much... Read more »

An Evening At Rosie’s


Winner of this year’s fiction contest

After Ten Years, I Tell An American Boy About The Army


Winner of this year’s fiction contest

Never Again


Goodbye bored, jelly donut-eating receptionistin white lace blouse with frilly school girl collarwho always spit out “Fifth floor” upon my arrival,one finger pointing skyward as if I’d forgotten,my mind gone to seed like a resident instead of a visitor;Goodbye dear residents parked in shiny wheelchairs all alongthe long hallway, each one looking up hopefully as... Read more »

Who Will Be Mine For Today?


A very peculiar practice is mentioned in the Talmud: a traveling rabbi who takes a wife, for one night only, in every town he visits. Now, hear her thoughts on the matter.

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