Winter 2001-2002

War and gender: Afghan women’s suffering. Veiling and shame. Anarchist hero Emma Goldman. Survivors’ daughters: keep silent but speak out. Eight lessons for Hanukkah.

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War, Through a Gender Lens

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8 Lessons for Hanukkah, Useful All Year


A ninth-grader derives tzedakah lessons as she sorts through her family’s philanthropy.

Readers Respond


Lilith As Map I started reading Lilith one year ago this month. A friend bought a copy for me after I told her I had made the decision to convert to... Read more »



Fresh fruit, kibbutz sex, and a young woman who gets to the core of some unexpected stereotypes.

Invention of a Feminist Sound Bite


In which our informant confesses her involvement in the invention of one of Emma Goldman’s most famous misquotations.

Conjuring Emma Goldman


She’s ubiquitous, this anarchist hero—on coffee mugs, T-shirts and post cards. How come "Red" Emma still speaks to us, 60 years after her death?

Once Upon a Time, My Mother’s Life


Daughters of Holocaust survivors have a special, paradoxical burden: helping their parents to forget, and promising them to remember.

Don’t Censor Yourself!


A longtime lobbyist for women’s rights, remembering the loss freedoms during the First Cold War, implores us not to lose our voices in the current fray.

Undo it, take it Back


Post-September 11, this poem was sent to Lilith with the attached message, "This has brought comfort to many."

XENI (Foreigner)


A female American Jew was in the mountains of Greece on 9/11. Here’s what she heard, what she said, and what she wishes she’d been able to tell her hosts. 

Burqa Dream


When women anywhere are forced under cover, we all quake. Here’s one take on veiling and women’s shame.

What Does Afghani Women’s Suffering Say to Us?


Lilith editors talk to Afghan women about their lives under the Taliban yoke, and how their rights eroded step by step. What resonates for us—as Jews, and as women?

Secrets in the Matzah box


The FBI tormented her union activist parents, this Red-Diaper Daughter remembers. The family fears lived on, even after the activist days were over.

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