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Winter 2000-2001

Sex and shame in a different era: Jewish women who relinquished their babies for adoption. Barbra Streisand is a metaphor. Teen bat mitzvah in a nursing home. Jewish feminists rally for tolerance in Warsaw.

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Lilith Feature

Jewish Women Take to the Streets

Lilith Feature

Sex and Shame in a Different Era

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I Buy a New Dress


How a whole lifetime can be signaled in a single garment.

The Myth of La Streisand


Have you ever been told you look just like Barbara Streisand?  She's been the metaphor for so many things Jewish and female.  As she retires, a scholar/fan reflects on the myth.

Andrea Adds


Five years after my mother and grandmother sat together in that sunny garden, I sat in the audience as my mother, who was being honored as the Moseley Scholar of the Year at Skidmore College, delivered a lecture on the topic of literary biography. I listened spellbound as my mother spoke with wisdom, passion and authority,... Read more »

Women with Ph.D.’s and Their Mothers


Which is more valued: a clean house or a completed dissertation? The balabusta or the professor? Two generations of women discuss the tensions.

Jewish Chicken Soup


It is not any soup               it is a deep and dark mystical connection boiling pots while ancient hands read tarot and Kabalah                                it is an old stewing hen boiled for hours until the... Read more »

“God Has Many Messengers”


A wise-for-her-age 13-year-old holds her bat mitzvah in a nursing home, where the elders help her deal with loss and change. She has some great ideas for them, too.

Warsaw Diary: Democracy in the Balance


Warsaw is seeing a backlash of anti-Semitism and anti-feminism. Here, meet some of the outspoken Jewish women leading the charge for tolerance. 

“Get Rid of the Baby. Let’s Go Home.”


Plus...Oregon’s new legislation on "open adoption" and an update from Roseanne Barr on reuniting with the baby she gave up 

Secrets and Lies: The ”Out-of-Wedlock” Son Finds Them Out


The author’s history is a tangled web.  After years of lies, he discovers he is the child of his mother’s love affair, adopted- not conceived- by the man who raised him.  Here, adapted from his new book, Eleanor’s Rebellion, he begins to uncover the betrayal that began it all. Nineteen seventy-five. I’m standing on another line.... Read more »

The “Illegitimate” Daughter Tells Her Birth Mother’s Story


The woman who gave birth to me did so in a very different age. lt was the 1960s, and my arrival was what would now be called an out-of-wedlock birth. At the time the language was firmer: I was “illegitimate.” That label meant that the woman who gave me life could never be called simply, “mother.”... Read more »

Sex Workers Unite!


Julia Query and I are wandering through a brick housing complex built by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union in Manhattan. Query, who needs a set of keys to get into an apartment to get her luggage to leave for her flight back to California in 45 minutes—long story—is blissed out. Out on the sidewalk, she... Read more »

What A Few Can Do


In a year when every vote counted, there were at least 800 new voters registered thanks to the living-room efforts of a handful of Jewish women in New York City. J-Vote was conceived by twenty-something Erika Katske and a few friends because of their “despair about all of the apathy we were seeing around us.” “A lot... Read more »

A Step Toward Freedom?


Amid political upheaval in Peru, efforts to free American journalist and activist Lori Berenson from a Peruvian prison may have taken a small step forward this season. A Supreme Military Council of Peru nullified her life sentence. This fall, the Peruvian government admitted that Berenson was never a leader of a terrorist group, that she should not... Read more »

Challenging Incumbents


It was a banner year for Jewish women political candidates, who in large numbers took on incumbents in Congress, though with mixed results. In a bid for Senate, Michigan Democratic congresswoman Debbie Stabenow unseated Republican Spencer Abraham (at half his cost) while stumping for a patient’s bill of rights, lower prescription drug costs and protecting Social Security.... Read more »

Protesting Dr. Laura’s Bias


Attempts to foil Laura Schlessinger’s anti-gay rhetoric and her new TV show this fall took a Jewish turn in large part thanks to the efforts of Robin Tyler, the national protest coordinator for and longtime comic, producer and gay rights activist. In the name of Jewish Orthodoxy, Schlessinger has used her radio presence to promote... Read more »

Marching Against Moma


The New York City Labor Day parade is a major family event. Kids running everywhere dripping ice cream. People carrying banners, balloons and flags. Lots of flags, bearing old familiar initials: UNITE, UAW, UFT and, more prominent this year, SAG, the striking screenactors’ guild. There are firefighters, cops, autoworkers, garment workers, sheet metal workers. This year... Read more »

Readers Respond


Wild About Laura What’s wrong with “Dr. Laura” is not, as Sarah Blustain asserts, that she is “promoting the agenda of the Christian Right” (“The Stealth Politics of Laura Schlessinger,” Summer 2000). What’s wrong with “Dr. Laura” is that she violates the central tenet of all religions. The Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you... Read more »

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