Summer 2019


Jewish women and addiction. 1960s & 70s feminism roars back, trendy again. Transforming Jewish life in small-town Maine. Choosing to be Jewish--thus feeling perpetually "the stranger." Food writing by women that changes the entire culture. She redefines the meaning of Jewish art.

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Lilith Feature

Addiction: Jewish Women Caught In The Crisis

Lilith Feature

The Foremothers of Food Memoirs

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Feeling Stuck? Try This


Amy Rose Spiegel's book No One Does It Like You lists 77 affirmations for millenial women—here are a few of Lilith's favorites. 

I Don’t Want to Meditate. I Want to Pray.


A surprising later-in-life conversion.

What the Periphery Can Teach the Center


Thanks largely to visionary and energetic women, vibrant community in rural Maine rises up 185 miles from the nearest kosher supermarket. Here’s how.

From M.D. to Baker, Beth Ricanati’s Memoir of Challah


"When I started baking challah, I was stressed and unhealthy, as both a doctor and a mom. By making challah, I was able to reclaim some sense of self." 

The Avant-Garde Artists She Hangs on the Walls


"When people come in here expecting to see old-fashioned Jewish art, they are taken aback.”

Run to Them: A Poem by Desiree O’Clair


I ran so fast, I couldn’t look over my shoulder. I ran so fast, I didn’t feel my legs. I ran so fast, the child clinging to my hip thought... Read more »

Women and Addiction: The Pop-Culture Parallels


Lilith tracks famous Jewish women who have spoken up about their struggles with addiction. 

Making Parties Accessible for Those Staying Sober


Life lessons from the mythological Lilith. Betty Friedan on her feminine mystique & being Jewish. Those thorny Jewish women's organizations.

Second Wave Feminism Comes Crashing Back


Animating it all: anger. The anger of invention, and diagnosis, and unchartered territory.

Fiction: Little Hen


In those weeks of waxing darkness, I worked at Anna’s side, my fingers mimicking hers. We sat in the kitchen of my aunt’s place. I told Anna of my first days in... Read more »

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