Summer 2008

How Jewish women heat up the political season. A new ritual uses havdalah to welcome an autistic son into the congregation.  Anzia Yezierska’s literary assistant on why she quit.

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Political Imperatives

Lilith Feature

After the Diagnosis…

What a Family with an Autistic Child Needs

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Rahel the Poet. Coming soon, Rahel the Movie


Rahel the Poet (1890 – 1931) was muse to a revolution, and lover to the first leaders of Israel. Meet her now, while the biopic is in production.

Grandmom, Mom, My Sister Jane, The Famous Writer Anzia Yezierska And Me


Why, at 16, Averbach cut short her career as literary assistant to the author of Bread Givers, Hungry Heart and Salome of the Tenements.

Havdalah – A New Ritual


To Welcome An Autistic Child Into The Jewish Community, And To Affirm Parents’ Acceptance Of Their Child’S Difference

A Short Story About a Long Scarf


For Amnon One particular man loved one particular woman. They went to sleep in the same bed — and were even vigilant, night after night, to watch the same black-and-white... Read more »

Someone You Can Talk To


Read her for the first time ever in English, translated for Lilith by Naomi Danis.

Photographs of Mothers and Daughters


you can almost alwayssee the mother’s hands the daughter usuallynests in a curve ofthe mother’s hair orneck like it was a cave the way cats do thenight it starts to... Read more »

Lvov, Ukraine 2008


“For three days, Ukrainian militants went on a rampagethrough the Jewish districts of Lvov. They took groups ofJews to the Jewish cemetery and to Lunecki prison and shotthem.” Holocaust Encyclopedia... Read more »

The Principles of Uncertainty


The artist who brought us New Yorkistan rummages around in her native Israel, painting what and whom she finds there. Even in uncertain times, some beautiful things haven't changed.

The Pleasure of Politics


Peripatetic photographer Joan Roth follows some of the women who’ve heated up this political season. Their energies might just fuel our future.

Gloria’s Top 5 Ways to Fight for Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice


But haven’t we already fought those battles?” I hear this question often when I’m speaking to women’s groups. Since I started my own activism for reproductive rights and health in 1974,... Read more »

It’s Still the Supreme Court


It’s the Supreme Court, Stupid!” That’s the button a lot of women wore in 2000, and it hasn’t gone out of style. In the heat of the recent primaries, the Supreme... Read more »

Treating Strangers Justly


While cleaning my kitchen for Pesach this year, I took a break to email a friend. Because I run Immigration Equality, a non-profit organization that provides advice and representation to... Read more »

A Roof of One’s Own


We all know there is a crisis of homelessness in America — indeed, the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty estimates that 3.5 million people will experience homelessness in a... Read more »

A Crisis for Caregivers


For Jewish women, like all women across the world, one of the most crucial issues at hand is how we care for ourselves, our families and our communities. This burden... Read more »

Teetering on the Brink of Poverty


People frequently talk about the poor, people who have incomes so low that they are barely scraping by and need government assistance for food, housing, medicine and other basic life... Read more »

Rescue vs. Repairing the World


The Talmud (B. Berakhot 10a) tells us a short story about Beruriah, a powerful woman who refuses to accept the world as it is. Some bandits live in the neighborhood of Rabbi Meir.... Read more »

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