Summer 2007

Black and Jewish, with a family secret. Gender and Judaism through food. A new kind of shiva: the clothing give-away. Latin-American Jewish women describe their stereotypes.

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Lilith Feature

Food for Thought

7 pages on sensuality, humor, guilt, love, shame, power, memory, gluttony and delight

Lilith Feature

“Where Do I Belong?”

Latina Jews in New York

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The Front of the Bus


Where I come from, women don’t go to college. I was raised as an ultra-Orthodox Jew. So I was expected to marry as young as possible, to have as many... Read more »

The Breast Cancer Monologues: A Play


A rabbi counsels a congregant. A daughter mulls whether she should get tested for the BrCa gene. An ultra-Orthodox mother now has nothing to hide under her wig. Here, a medical student dramatizes the feelings that follow diagnosis.

Salsa, Merengue…and the HORA?


Anthropologist Ruth Behar explains.

Remembering Mom & The Siegel Shop: Hartford, Connecticut


Another in the Lilith series on rituals Judaism forgot to provide for us, so we're doing it ourselves. Matlaw remembers-and honors-her late mother by doing what her mom did best: dressing others so they looked terrific. How mom's taste lives on after her.



This year's winner of the Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize

Pri Chadash*


A strange, knobby thing, this new fruit. Leathery crimson skin bruised in spots, and a place like a rupture leading in deep, past the armor. Your knife severs it cleanly... Read more »

Dead Women in My Kitchen Cupboard


Susan Remson cooks with the women in her life, past and present. It’s not quite magical realism, but the conjuring capabilities of our recipe boxes come pretty close.

Advice for the Bride-to-Be: “Just Don’t Eat!”


Melissa Orshan Spann confesses that despite her professional smarts — she counsels women with eating disorders — she was almost a victim of Perfect Day pre-wedding starvationrituals herself.

United by Kibbe


Elise Wiener draws together next-generation Syrian Jews with the help of Aunt Ray’s magical recipe, straight fromthe Fry-o-Lator. (Bonus: recipe included.)

Lacey Schwartz Outside the Box


Susan Weidman Schneider interviews Lacey Schwartz

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