Summer 2006

Out of the closet and under the huppah—a lesbian couple and their traditional wedding. How do you treat your household help? A post-9/11 search in lower Manhattan.

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Coming Out in the Orthodox World

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A Woman of Uncertain Character


A hard sleety snow buffeted the four of us as we trudged up a slushy sidewalk in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, Michigan. We—that is, Jennie, my fellow Rocket Nate Manoff in a Sad Sackish 85th Division private’s uniform, his girlfriend Louise, and me in my George Raft velvet collar topcoat—(I was awaiting draft papers)—approached... Read more »

Shade of My Grandmother


“Oh, Playmate,Come out and play with me… “ When she comes, I’m in her shoes, poisedon peasant feet. She, her eyesa scrim of smoke, is silent, exhalessparks of bright light;and, wind inher hair, she runs throughaspens ringed by cigar-haze fromthe grandfather I never met.Grandmother sings as grandfatherlifts, ravishes her againstthe cellar door. At first light,... Read more »

Being Out as a Jew in Lesbian Circles


In some settings, it's more acceptable to be gay than to be Jewish.

Disappointed by Zippers


A remarkable post-9/11 visit to lower Manhattan.

Getting the Get


"I needed an un-marriage ceremony," Stock says. A therapist tells, surprisingly, of how moving and useful she found her Jewish divorce.

One Candle for Sophie


Are you Jewish?” a young woman asks as Mom and I step into the summer heat outside Kroger’s market. “Yeah. I am,” I reply, an unfamiliar pride landing in my chest. The woman smiles, and holds up a cellophane bag. “Would you like some Shabbat candles?” “Sure,” I say, taking the bag. I notice her ankle-length... Read more »

Who Cleans Your House?


I am sitting in a Brooklyn diner, having breakfast with Marlene Champion, 61, a tall, striking woman from Barbados. Champion makes her living as a domestic worker, and right now she works as a nanny caring for a four-year-old girl in Brooklyn Heights. Champion is also an active member of Domestic Workers United, a Bronx-based organization... Read more »

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