Summer 2005

The JAP today: Revile her, or reclaim her? How Jewish do Jewish women feel when their partners aren’t? Second-generation Holocaust memories. In the Tangiers hammam baths.

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Reclaim her or reject her?

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Messengers from a New Place


Elaine Cohen and Steven P. Cohen celebrated the committment ceremony of their daughter Tamara. Here's how Elaine toasted the couple.

Philosophers with Wombs, Mothers without Housedresses


In which the novelist and philosopher reveals who really makes her feel guilty.

The Shame of the Jap


Miriam Stone argues that the image is a larger-than-life caricature, casting a shadow over women trying to walk the walk as activists for social change.

Severance Pay


Alfalfa lost his one-city-block kingdom the day after my husband lost his job. Overnight, both of them turned into permanent fixtures on my striped living room couch. The couch before was... Read more »

In the Hammam


Back in Morocco, a first-time visit to the Muslim women's baths delivers Moroccan-born Azagury unexpected sightings of tender friendhsips (and terrors) that cross religious boundaries.

When (If Ever) Do We Relinquish Memory?


The noted author of Lost in Translation explores the Shoah's legacy in the lives of the second generaiton. She speaks with Carolyn Slutsky on writing about memory and history.



Just the two of us in the chaosof ghetto round-ups. Zofia and Wanda,Wanda and Zofia, begging parentsfor the children, catching them as theywere thrown. Every day, we camehere for the... Read more »

My Wife Prays


She stands in a corner and sighs;Closing her eyes,My wife prays. I listen to the silenceAs her lips move without sound,As she sways Back and forth slightly. Her prayerTransforms this... Read more »

Still Jewish


Plenty has changed since the last century; a new study looks at how Jewish Jewish women feel who choose partners who aren't. Plus...Eve Coulson on two books about interfaith marriage.



Old wives say I keep the doctor away.Sunshine realized, I hang from the treelike a red monkey dangling possibilitieswithin your reach. Sleepwalk or wakeup. The choice is yours. Who is... Read more »

Misery beyond the Mezzuzah


Letty Cottin Pogrebin on violence in Jewish families

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