Summer 2003

Sexism in science.  The invigorating last days of Miami’s Lido Spa. A new contract actually celebrates your Jewish marriage. Healing after terror.  Lilith’s fiction contest winner.

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A Pledge of sweet partnering

Lilith Feature

Guiding Spirits

Since Eve, women have been spiritual seekers. Some are now pathfinders as well.

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Rabbi Julie, Take One


A 26-year-old rabbinical student faces the facts.  She's young.  She's inexperienced.  She can't figure out how to dress the part.  But she's gotta be the Rabbi (that's with a capital "R") anyway.

Cracking the Stained – Glass Ceiling


Senior rabbi of Temple Emanuel, the Beverly Hills Reform congregation, the first woman rabbi to hold such a position in a major metropolitan city. Rabbi Laura Geller did not ascend to the position... Read more »

How to be a Jewish Witch


I’m a nice Jewish girl who grew up to be a Witch,” says Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and other books. “My father was a Communist who died when I was... Read more »

Singing People through the Narrows, Like Miriam


Musician, songwriter and performer Debbie Friedman’s music has become part of the canon in a tradition that takes music seriously. Her music teaches the Hebrew alphabet, introduces overlooked women in the Bible,... Read more »

The JewBu Bubbe


In the mid-1970s, Sylvia Boorstein, author of That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist: On Being a Faithful Jew and Passionate Buddhist, was a practicing psychotherapist, wife, and mother of four children. Her... Read more »

Healing Through the Dark Emotions


Self-help instructions to stifle rage, terror and sadness deny us the chance to survive these feelings robustly. A psychotherapist hints at what we can garner from the gloom.

Moving on


When we recite the Yizkor memorial service, we’re really paying attention to our own tiny, ephemeral moment in history.

Strange Family


On Friday nights Bubby drags three over-stuffed chairslike they were sacks of grain or sandacross the balding green carpet;she serves supper on Deputy Dawgand Yogi Bear folding tray tables. This... Read more »

Journey Out of Europe


If there’s a sound she remembers, it’s the creaking of the rope as she walked across the ramp of the ship floorboards of the entire floating slum the groaning of... Read more »

Who Was Wise


Winner of Lilith's fiction contest.

The Path to Loving Relationships


Five Dramatically Divergent Directions

My Grandmother’s Song


We were girls, said my grandmother We went to the river with our laundry we beat it on the stones, washing it clean, and then we spread it on the... Read more »

Triangle Factory


Hook and eye, a girl is cut from a shirtwaist, sewn up at the lids and temples, pulled like thread through muslin through the workweek. The earliest children are caught... Read more »

The Time of their Lives


Roth’s peripatetic camera invited us to share the fun of the seventy-, eighty-, and ninety-something women gathering in Miami for the last days of the Lido spa.

Credit for Demystifying DNA Denies One Woman’s Role


Scientist Esther Braun Sparberg on sexism in science, 50 years after Rosalind Franklin helped discover DNA.

7 AM at the Western Wall


7 AM at the Wall the men eddy and swirl,wearing their prayers on their sleeves.Angry old men with long beardsshout against the wallas if it were a donkeyblocking the road.... Read more »

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