Summer 2001

Teaching girls to love Jewish texts and challenge their misogyny. Lighting candles and married sex. Black and Jewish: Rebecca Walker and Mo Fleming.  Is fat still a feminist issue?

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Memorial Day in Tel Aviv


ERNEST HEMINGWAY SAID that each person is a product of the landscape of both a native land and an adoptive land. I feel the power of the statement as I... Read more »



RUTHIE HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO SAY to anyone about anything. She can’t think of a single person to confide in. This kind of thing happened to other women with... Read more »

Fat is Still a Feminist Issue: Susie Orbach in Israel


The body itself, Orbach maintains, is a woman's form of language. Tier investigations of the unconscious reveal a host of symbolic meanings in body shape and size, in the way people eat or refrain. Despite rank social prejudice against obesity, the female unconscious may equate fat "with power, with presence, with a demand to be seen...A way to keep private vulnerabilities hidden while requesting acceptance for who one is. It is about an attempt to give to self."



There is a richness to this land still uncollected.I am known by the slim gleanings,orderly remnant of stalkshaunting the path of the scythe,whisper of full head of grain’s random sway.... Read more »

Taking Back Our Rites


A young feminist reclaims women’s traditional rituals.

“I am their Text”


A Yale senior on the tightrope, teaching teen girls to love Jewish texts and at the same time challenge how Judaism views women. Plus: Tamara Cohen on pre-bat mitzvah daughters and Rachel Kranson on accepting versus resisting Jewish tradition.

Portrayed, or Betrayed?


Why does Rebecca Walker stereotype Jewish women? Our reviewer has some surprising criticism of Alice Walker’s daughter’s much-touted autobiography, Black, White and Jewish.

A Hard Row to Hoe


An African-American woman talks frankly about the joys of becoming Jewish—and about the pain of being insulted by other Jews.

Readers Respond


Oh Those Breasts! I FOUND YOUR [breasts] articles [“How Jewish Women Feel about Their Breasts,” Spring 2001 ] strangely one-sided (pun intended). Is the typical Jewish breast larger than average? And... Read more »

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