Summer 1989

One adult daughter is not mad at mom; another is a survivor’s child who learns to pray; the third’s a mother telling who’ll get her stuff. Plus three short stories from Israel.

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Lilith Feature

Three Adult Daughters Talk

Lilith Feature

Fine Tuning: New Women’s Fiction from Israel

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Yom Kippur in Lithuania: The “Sogerkes”


Introducing the new back page column highlighting choices and changes. This time: Yom Kippur in Lithuania: The "Sogerkes”

Yael’s Story


One of the bible’s few warrior women tells what made her do it.

Will and Testament


Who gets the brooch? Who gets the blessing? A contemporary mother-daughter team talk obsessively about what the mother wants done with her objects and assets--its their personal ritual, a way of staying close which has fascinating Biblical precursors in its lessons about power, control and love.

“Coming Out” in the Jewish Family


With one Jew in ten either lesbian or gay, almost every extended family experiences what it means to tell, or be told, or to deny that a son or daughter is homosexual. Cantor reports the latest speculation on why this experience may be harder for daughters and different for Jews.

The Bed


The young man stood in the street, behind the hedge, trying to talk to the figure sprawled out under the big motorcycle. The grease-stained overalls moved and Ayala roared “What?” in... Read more »

Apples from the Desert


All the way from the Orthodox quarter of Sha’arei Hesed in Jerusalem to the great stretch of sand where the driver called out “Neve Midbar” and looked for her in... Read more »

A Survivor’s Daughter Learns to Pray


She also learns about personal history, about coming through to the other side of the Holocaust, and of confronting the possibilities of joy.

My Mother the Feminist


The author’s book about anger challenged how therapists ply their trade; her adoration of her own iconoclastic mother might hold the clues to her theories. Here she shows why she can’t be mad at mom.



ARE JEWISH FAMILIES DIFFERENT? Re your interview with Olga Silverstein [“Jewish Families are Different;’ Spring 1989]: Was it concerned with families who are Jewish within a certain milieu, i.e. middle... Read more »

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