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Spring/Summer, 1982/5742

Blu Greenberg: How a devout Orthodox woman can be a fervent feminist. Aviva Cantor’s non-sexist, egalitarian hagadah, incorporating stories and poetry by and about women.

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The scene is Berlin under the Nazis. Gerta has two counts against her: she is mentally disabled—and she is Jewish. She is also unprotected...

An Egalitarian Hagada


Over the past decade, women have been holding feminist Seders and have drawn strength and inspiration from joining in such ceremonies that focus on and celebrate our experiences. Now the time has come to share these insights with a wider audience, and to make them an integral part of the Passover ceremony. The non-sexist and egalitarian hagada in this special section incorporates stories and poetry by and about women—-as well as other passages and poems translated from Hebrew and Yiddish—-about the Holocaust and Resistance, Israel, Soviet Jewry, and struggles for justice into the traditional narrative of the Seder.

How an Orthodox Woman Evolved Beyond “Woman of Valor” to Become a Fervent Feminist (Book Excerpt)


I was born into a strongly traditional family. I knew my place and I liked it — the warmth, the rituals, the solid, tight parameters. I never gave a thought to what responsibilities I did or didn’t have as a female growing up in the Orthodox Jewish community. My friends and I shared the same... Read more »

Lines of Communication


Coping with Copenhagen Dear LILITH Editors: The article on Copenhagen was of particular interest to me. I was there, officially representing B’nai B’rith Women (not listed by your reporter as being in attendance) at the Forum, and the Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations at the official UN Conference. I was one of the conveners of... Read more »

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