Spring 2011

Dressing feminist—what four smart women think about each morning.  Adrienne Cooper on Yiddish songs about family violence. How to throw a green wedding.  A Jew-by-choice loves her mezuzah.

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Fashioning Feminism

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The Solace of Mail-Order Beads


Connections with Mom via the shopping channel.

Pausing at the Doorpost


A Jew by choice chooses one ritual in particular: the mezuzah.

Women Sing of Family Violence


Taking up the tradition of truth-telling in Yiddish music, we hear the dark stories in those familiar tunes.

My Coach Bag


Mick Jagger famously sang, “you can’t always get what you want,” and then consoled us by adding that, sometimes, “you get what you need.” But in a long-distant summer of my life, I found, with some surprise, that I was able to do both. It was 1973, and I was 16. My parent’s 24-year marriage... Read more »

Standing Out


In the early years of second-wave feminism, some activists thumbed their noses at Vogue, Seventh Avenue, and their mother’s closets. Liberated women wore their disdain for fashion as a badge of honor on their slogan T-shirts. No more dressing to please men. Or to arouse other women’s envy. No more color-coordinated outfits. According to these... Read more »

No Thanks For the Liberation


This year we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication of Naomi Wolf ’s The Beauty Myth. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I read it, but it had to be close to it’s publication in 1991. My mom had purchased it in hardcover, so I was, let’s say, 16 when I read it. If... Read more »

Getting Dressed


Fashion is a completely delightful obsession for my cohort of 20-something women. It’s an in-your-face reclamation of the joy of clothes, putting the femme in feminism, so to speak. We do our research online, scrolling through endless pages of red carpets and runways — it’s easy and satisfying to be an armchair expert. Part of... Read more »

And the Bride Wore Green


Making a shiddukh between Jewish meaning and eco-politics. Why? And how to?

Why Write a Memoir?


Kathryn Harrison talks with Yona Zeldis McDonough about The Kiss.

City of Refuge


When my grandparents came to Palestine from Berlin in 1933, they settled in the new white city of Tel Aviv. Many German refugees came in the 30s, bringing to this infant metropolis their considerable intellectual and emotional investments in enterprise, the arts, and cutting-edge architecture. Mendelsohn, Kaufmann, and other protégés of Gropius, successfully transplanted the vision... Read more »

Bells and Pomegranates


In Brooklyn there is a rabbi who will study with you.His office is lined with books, floor to ceiling andWall to wall, hieroglyphics on the spines, a scrim ofDust motes shimmering in the gloom. “Cut to the chase,” you say. “Give me the law.”So he gives you the law. Six-hundred and thirteenOf them, and a... Read more »

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