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Spring 2010

 How 20-somethings date now. A new film about cross-racial adoption and Jewish identity. Progressive bride/ Orthodox synagogue wedding. Learning to take credit for what we do. 

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How Judaism is Helping Me


A Haitian-American reflects on what Judaism has taught her in relation to childhood motherloss and Haiti’s devastation.

I Ate My Mother’s Hair


I ate my mother’s hairstanding behind her, as she saton a stool in the shower stall of her nursing home bathroom,tile floor catching the silver snippetsI cut from her statue-still head. What could I do with the combwhen I had to wield the scissorswith one hand, clasp her locks with the other, Mother’s tangledbrain not... Read more »

Politics in the Kitchen


The telephone rang just as Miriam finished loading the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher. Even though Ella would arrive in a few minutes, Miriam preferred to leave a clean kitchen. She considered it an act of civility. And although neither woman had ever mentioned it, she thought Ella appreciated the gesture. “Why don’t you leave... Read more »

Your Brain, On Love


Some of the weird and wonderful ways that brain chemistry and culture collide to affect whom we love, and how.

Women Handling Our Sacred Texts


Powerful images of women Torah readers, Torah makers, scholars and interpreters, and what’s behind their often transgressive work.

Standing Suspended in This Miracle


Launching the nuptial festivities, a traditional wedding tisch (“table”) has been a men-only occasion for teaching and learning. Here, Lilith’s book editor tells what she taught the guests at her wedding.

In London, Her Wedding Space Reshapes the Whole Experience


What drives a progressive Jewish woman to marry under Orthodox strictures in an Orthodox synagogue? Sometimes, the building itself.

Who Am I?


Opper’s new documentary powerfully chronicles the feelings — and the poignant searching — of Avery Klein-Cloud, an African-American teenager who at birth was adopted into an interracial Jewish lesbian family in Brooklyn

How Twenty-Somethings Mate Now


Three (very Jewish) rabbis’ daughters, inhabiting a multicultural, radically new world, dish seriously about their non-Jewish partnering.

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