Spring 2006

Single Jewish women adopting Chinese orphans. Trafficking modern-day sex slaves. Is a stay-at-home mom wasting her Harvard degree? A way to mourn a sister.

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Lilith Feature

The Truth, in 3 Memoirs: Mother, Daughter, Sister

Lilith Feature

Charlotte Newberger Poetry Content 2006

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What’s in Your Wallet?


That ominous organ donation card

The World, To Come


What drove you to make Marc Chagall so central to The World to Come? The book is about the theft of a Chagall painting from a museum during a singles’... Read more »

Modern-Day Sex Slavery


"Right around the corner from me!" The hidden trafficking of girls and women in the U.S. and Israel; who is trying to free these captives?

Jewish Moms, Chinese Daughters


Single Jewish women adopt the orphans of China's one-child-only policy. Now the first wave of these Chinese daughters perpares for bat mitzvah. Plus…how the offspring of Jewish-Chinese imtermarriages celebrate



Hanina lives in Philadelphia now. Ever since her son decided she couldn’t take care of herself anymore and imported her like a jug of olive oil. “Like a fine old wine,”... Read more »

Abba Kovner Listened


The winner of Lilith's Charlotte Newberger poetry competition

The Judge


The judge for the 2006 poetry competition at Lilith was Myra Sklarew. She is the author of nine collections of poetry, most recently Lithuania: New & Selected Poems, The Witness Trees, and Eating the... Read more »

The Prize is Named for


Charlotte Newberger’s support for poetry in Lilith magazine has made possible an expanded number of pages for new poems and reviews of poetry, and this—the second annual Charlotte Newberger Poetry... Read more »

The Poet


This year’s Charlotte Newberger Poetry Competition winner was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1955. She is a widely published poet now living in Northern California. A “serious autodidact,” she says... Read more »

Female Merit Badges



First Wednesday


In cutthroat Washington, the writer's younger sister managed to create a new tradition, quintessentially Jewish and feminist. Why does it live on-in Jerusalem-after cancer claims her?

Sorrel Summer


The daugher of Holocaust survivors passes through a narrow opening in to her mother's own girlhood



A stay-at-home mother reflects on her Harvard degree

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