Spring 2000

Jewish weddings in a feminist age.  A convert’s passion for Judaism (her husband could care less). Passover after anorexia. Kadya Molodowsky, queen of Yiddish literature.

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Lilith Feature

Weddings in a Feminist Age

Lilith Feature

Selections from NOGA, Israel’s Feminist Magazine

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All Who are Hungry


Feasting again, a college student uses Passover to celebrate freedom from the slavery of anorexia.

The Yiddish Queen and her “Menersher Kop”


Meet Kadya Molodowsky, one of the greatest writers of Yiddish literature. A quarter-century after her death, a new book delivers her poetry in full to English readers.

The Jewish Community: Ahead of the Curve?


When 85-year-old Teddi Schwartz, a retired folksinger, moved into the 2,800-unit Penn South apartment complex in 1962, the New York City resident had no idea that, 25 years later, the Manhattan development would make history. “Penn South residents are not poor, but by the early 1980s the buildings’ Board of Directors came to UJA for... Read more »

The Personal Becomes Political


We’re staggering under the responsibilities of caring for aging relatives, but government and volunteer agencies are often no help. One expert says it out loud: "Legislatures are dominated by men."

The Wedding Photographer Tells All


I shoot weddings for a living. Most of my art photographer friends “moved on” to do commercial, editorial, or fashion photography. But I purposely stayed with weddings. Give me the poetry of the sentimental moment over the selling of unnecessary products any day. To me, the “news” of two people joining together is the most... Read more »

Running the Orthodox Rabbinic Gauntlet in Israel


How to get around the restrictive rules and regs. Plus…a Reform rabbi, Naamah Kelman, resists in Jerusalem.

Under the African Huppah


A do-it-yourself, interreligious, multicultural wedding.

How Elastic is Jewish Tradition


Rabbis have very different views on what’s indispensable in a Jewish wedding—and on what the bride may say at her own wedding!

A Counterproposal


Why white wedding madness raises her feminist hackles, and how she revealed this to her significant other.

Isn’t It Ironic…


Retro Wedding in a Feminist Age. 

What Converts Talk About (When Jews aren’t Around)


Eavesdrop on women reminiscing about bacon, Jesus and other discarded elements of their foregone faith.

A Convert’s Passion for Judaism


What happens when a (formerly Greek Orthodox) woman feels passionately Jewish, but her born-Jewish husband does not.

Readers Respond


Powerful Dolls! Your dreams keep getting better every issue. Hire those interns, Naomi Goodman and Susannah Jaffe, permanently! “Dolls to Live By,” in the Fall 1999 issue, so creative and well-written, touched my heart, and had me nodding in agreement. As a thoroughly modern bubbe, I cave in under the sparkling eyes of my six... Read more »

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