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Spring 1997

Lilith provides a walking tour to the doors of 16 important Jewish women in Jerusalem.  A Muslim woman re-imagines Hagar’s life.  How Sophie Tucker’s robust sexuality liberated audience’s imaginations.

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So Big and Ugly


Critics called the vaudevillian “big, gawky, entirely lacking in ‘allure,’” but Tucker’s robust sexuality—-her “red-hot mama” persona—-liberated audiences’ imaginations.

My Muslim Ancestor Hagar


Jewish women aren’t the only ones writing feminist midrash. Here, a Muslim woman beautifully re-imagines Hagar’s life (and Sarah’s). Plus . . . the Qur’anic etiology of female genital mutilation and the author’s response: revulsion.

The Woman with Israel in her Head


“She is in bed with the juice from a cyprus tree . . . She is in bed with a country,” writes Blatt in her love poem to Israel.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Women


Here we beat a path to the doors of 16 important Jewish women. There are plenty of pilgrimages to the Holy Land, but none that focus on females—-until now! And, in celebration, Rabbi Susan Schnur sacralizes our tour with an update of “Woman of Valor.”

Separated at Birth


Fall 1985 Inside the same steel pyramid, at five of nine, you and I check ourselves in spotless mirrored walls, train our mothers’ cool eyes on our own reflections. The elevator cages we’ve been riding since birth spit us politely onto matching Persian carpets, delivering us to our first day of work. Behind doors that... Read more »

Magid: The Telling


“Ich Bin a Yid.” What Grandpa told Pharaoh in 1945, and how a tape recorder transformed his story into sacred text last Passover. You can do it too.

Sex-Segregated Schools


Paradoxically, just as the most progressive Jewish schools are more committed than ever to coeducation, there’s a push (based on the work of Carol Gilligan and others) to create all-girls public schools. What’s the risk?



POWERFUL NAMES I was pleased and honored to have my piece, “The Pronunciation of My Name,” included in your article on Jewish women and their names (“Each of Us has a Name,” Winter 1996). I am, however, a bit surprised with one alteration. When referring to the man with whom I spent time in Morocco,... Read more »

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