Spring 1996

Why Jewish women are choosing to be single mothers. Abortion in fact (today) and fiction (back then). Teen girl angst over four decades.  Rosh Hodesh poems.

Cover illustration by Emilya Naymark. 

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Rosh Hodesh


A trio to help us celebrate the New Moon, and our own bodies.

“You Don’t Have a Daddy, You Have a Donor”


My daughter was just turning three when she began to ask about a father. Sarah was no dummy; she had noticed for more than a year that other families tend to have one of each—a mommy and a daddy. In spite of my best efforts to normalize our single-parent, lesbian-headed household by pointing out to her... Read more »

Jewish Single Mothers by Choice


One evening in the summer of 1980, Esther Dellheim*, a 37-year-old writer, unmarried and living in New York City, spent several hours composing a short letter to her parents. She was two months pregnant, she told them, and planning to keep the baby. She heard nothing for several days. Then two letters arrived. She opened... Read more »

News to Turn the World


"My friend knows a man what can make me an abortion." A mother’s unexpected umpteenth pregnancy in 1917 creates an unexpected poignancy for her oldest daughter. Though Singer’s piece is fiction, today’s threats to reproductive rights are not. LILITH takes a look at restrictive (and sometimes hidden) new anti-abortion legislation, and tells whom to contact, from the White House on down, to defend your rights.

Young Teens Take Back the Night


YAY! The 90’s are here! All the injustices of the previous decades can be righted by learning, marching, defeating those old stereotypes—-a summer camp exercise where girls and boys together fight sexism and repair the world.

Coming of Age as an Iraqi Jew in California


When multiculturalism was not yet a buzzword, it was hard to be young and Iraqi in Hebrew schools and youth groups where "Jewish" meant "Ashkenazi." Harder still to be young, female, and passionate about prayer in the Iraqi synagogue where only men and boys had value.

“Maybe I could be-like Barbra – Gawjus!”


Barbra (unfixed nose & all) gave Jewish female faces, and their owners, a new self-respect. Here’s how one fan worshipped her idol.

Dating Mike Epstein


What’s the only Jewish girl in Hibbing, Minnesota gonna do for a sanctioned social life? Get shipped to Duluth for the ritual Saturday night grope.



BEYOND BEIJING I want to follow up on the U.N. Women’s Conference in Beijing [“Judy Brodkey: Why I’m Going to Beijing” Summer ’95]. After I came back, I organized a panel of women speaking from different perspectives, to share with other Oregonians our experiences at the conference. I spoke as a Jewish woman. (We’re such... Read more »

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