Spring 1994

Lilith asks: are Jewish women more at risk of breast cancer? Three women discuss being both feminist and Orthodox. A refugee uses her experiences as an immigrant to face widowhood.

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Passover: The Four Girls Within Us


A clip-and-save addition to the Seder—a different take on being wise, wicked, simple and speechless.

Profiles Talent Bank


Two dancers who are living their dreams Come meet three LILITH readers—feminist educators—-from among the over 200 women, experts in various fields, who are already part of the LILITH Jewish Women’s Talent Bank.

Fanchon Shur Ceremonial Warrior


Two dancers who are living their dreams

Dena Kinstlinger Shabbos in the Corps de Ballet


Unexpectedly, Judaism and dance turn out to have common ground. "Ballet and religious observance both require discipline," City Ballet star Dena Kinstlinger notes. "I learned about one from the other." Ceremonial choreographer Fanchon Shur uses dance as a powerful engine driving Jewish ritual.

An Immigrant Again…


As she goes through the phases of widowhood, this feminist therapist suddenly realizes that she can learn a great deal from an unexpected source: her childhood refugee self!

My Mother’s Secret Drawer


After the funeral, Mama’s four daughters meet to open her secret drawer, excavating layers of her life: Mama’s first public library cards, letters home from camp, maps to family gravesites. One daughter takes home Mama’s white silk scarf—she’ll never wear it, but she’ll sniff it now and then, searching out the mother scent.

Desperately Seeking…


Naomi is a type—mid-late 30’s, observes the Sabbath, eats only kosher food, has a university education, a prestigious job with financial security, a wide circle of interesting friends, and an appreciation of the arts and literature. She’s also, however, discouraged: Won’t she ever meet a man to marry; is the possibility of motherhood foreclosed? A... Read more »

Desperately Seeking T’fillin


I am one of a small number of observant Jewish women who have taken upon themselves the mitzvot aseh shehazman g’rammah, the category of positive “time-bound” commandments that have traditionally been required only of men: the wearing of t’fillin [phylacteries], tallit [prayer shawl], tzitzit [fringed undergarment] to name a few. These mitzvot are called “time bound” because they are performed only during the day,... Read more »

Desperately Seeking Dialogue


I am an Orthodox Jewish feminist, and I am lonely. As a member of a small Jewish community, I do not have many opportunities to talk with individuals who are both committed to traditional Judaism and actively struggling with feminist principles in their lives. Thus it was with great anticipation that I attended a conference... Read more »

Breast Cancer


Epidemiologists look at breast cancer; Jewish demographers look at statistics about Jewish women... but who’s putting both sets of facts together? Only LILITH.

Interpreting Jewish Dreams


Do your dreams ever have Jewish content? Our author shows how she takes her "Jewish" dreams seriously, and how you can too.



THE STATE VS. JEWISH DIVORCE In your article “Women Unbound” (Summer 1993), you state: “New York State and Canada have passed legislation prohibiting civil divorce until the religious divorce has been signed.” New York Domestic Relations Law 253 requires the plaintiff to swear that he or she has taken all steps solely within his or her... Read more »

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