Spring 1990

Deena Metzger on the gory Bible story of Dinah, raped. Bat Mitzvah in the divorce crossfire. Anxiety 101: how a guy leads Passover seder for the first time.

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After the Revolution in Poland Today, Woman Still Sweep the Floors


Sweeping historical changes in Eastern Europe find most women still sweeping the kitchen floor. News reports from Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany and recently, Rumania, leave Western feminists heartened by people-propelled... Read more »

“Who has Made Me Woman”


Rabbi Elyse Goldstein creates a personal ritual for menstruation.



You press it from the six goatsmorning and eveningand renew your own. The babyis harnassed to your back,her dark head wobbling. Your lifeand its order that isn’t mine. I’ve come... Read more »

When will we come to understand the Jews as they do themselves?


Since many of us in the Catholic Church have moved over the years to a more positive relationship with our Jewish sisters and brothers, it was particularly disturbing when the... Read more »

Near Quiet Places: Twelve Days in Poland


Israeli author Hendel, here translated by Barbara Harshav, gives us a haunting, bone-chilling vision of this memory soaked land. Plus observations by two Christian women--on Poland today.

Anxiety 101: Leading the Passover Seder


Judaism is such a public religion! So participatory! So have a little pity for a young man who takes on the task of leading his relatives through the desert--and even through the dessert--trying to meet everyone’s needs.

What Dinah Thought of the Whole Matter is not Recorded


Finally the biblical figure of Dinah in a modern incarnation. In an excerpt from a moving new novel, we read about an American woman in Israel today who reenacts part of her story.



SCHOLARSHIP ABOUNDS Jewish Feminist Scholarship” (Winter 1990) by Vanessa Ochs was very welcome indeed. LILITH’s readers should know that even though the impression is given that scant materials existed “even... Read more »

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