Spring 1988

The struggle to juggle work and life: a Lilith survey. Motherhood and the “new” infertility. A Roaring 20s Yiddish lesbian play. Sarah vs. Hagar in the Bible.

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The New Infertility

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Seeds of Conflict: Sarah and Hagar


The Biblical women who created the historical rivalries of two religious traditions.

Getting Babies


A male perspective on infertility from Rabbi Michael Gold.

Getting Babies


Penina and Steve Adeleman in conversation about the choices they made.

Making Babies


Sara Nelson reports on a Jewish social worker who decided to bear a child for an infertile couple. "Very Jewish," claims the birth mother.

Wanting Babies


Shirley Frank examines what has changed in women’s lives since she wrote about "The Population Panic" in LILITH ten years ago.

Making Music for Women Only


Orthodox women who believe that a man is forbidden to hear a woman sing say "No Men Allowed" at their increasingly popular performances.

Yiddish Lesbian Play Rocks Broadway


The Roaring 20’s lesbian play that rocked Broadway came from the pen of Yiddish writer Sholom Asch.

Jewish Career Women: Six Profiles


In search of the women behind the statistics, we spoke with six Jewish career women. They range from ultra-Orthodox to culturally Jewish, from entrepreneurs to professionals in the stock market and academia. They live in the Northeast, the South and the Midwest, born in the U.S., Europe and South America. They range in age from mid-30s... Read more »

Struggling? Juggling? Trying to Integrate our Multiple Roles


What the Jewish career woman has to contend with, and how the community (to say nothing of her significant others) can make it better. A report on the recent Lilith /American Jewish Committee survey by Dr. Rela Geffen Monson, plus six close-ups of working women.

Lines Of Communication


THE ELUSIVE WOMAN EDUCATOR To the Editor: I was very surprised to see that Dr. Elliot Spack, executive director of the Coalition on Alternatives in Jewish Education (CAJE), feels that women have made advances in Jewish education. [LILITH #18] While it may be true that there are more women principals than before, my observations have... Read more »

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