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Fall 2019


#MeToo stories • Jewish women and breast cancer: crisis, intimacy, recovery • Jennifer Weiner on “chick lit’s” power • Suddenly, period positivity • A feminist Jew’s tough search for holiness in community.

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Lilith Feature

Period Positivity

Lilith Feature

#MeToo Right Now

Lilith Feature

Jewish Women. Breast Cancer.

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Bonding: Intimacy During — and After — My Cancer


She chose "kink" sex, for pain she herself could control. 

Scenes From a Mastectomy


Looking back at the surgery decades later, the noted poet confesses her survivor's glee — and guilt.

Information, Support, Restorative Relaxation


❥  Sharsheret is a nonprofit organization created originally for young Jewish women with breast cancer, and now describes itself as “the Jewish breast and ovarian cancer community.” Sharsheret.org has information about testing, diagnosis, counseling and more—including programs and supports for family members. Check out their webinar “What’s Jewish about breast cancer” and blog posts on... Read more »

Jennifer Weiner: An Opinionated Monarch of Women’s Fiction


Fiction changes minds, so Jennifer Weiner writes scenes of female pleasure in each novel. 

Fiction: Diamonds and Ashes


The water is a silk sari, pleating, unraveling beneath us, falling away. Eucalyptus trees blink in the morning sunlight. I am on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, with my aunts Esther and Hannah. With their short dark hair and stocky figures, they make it hard for me to believe that they are—were—my mother’s... Read more »

Child Molestation: How Lilith Reported the Story


Alice Sparberg Alexiou on girls' accounts of abuse at the hands of their Jewish pediatrician; how journalism helps change laws.

#MeToo in the Media


Sarah Blustain, who investigated sexual misconduct by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach two decades ago, tells you what to look out for when reading a #MeToo report.

The Hazards of Working in the Jewish Community


Sarah Seltzer asks Hannah Dreyfus how she exposed inappropriate behaviors by powerful men.

When Life Imitates Your Own Art


An ardent Sixties change-agent returning to the University of Michigan is stunned to find the experience recapitulates one of her own novels.

Poetry: Greetings from Treblinka


He stood there, waiting forthe104 bus.An old man with a canewearing a shabby black coatand carrying an umbrellaeven though the sidewalksparkled with sun.Just another old man on the Upper West Side. But she recognized the zigzag scar that ran down like a lightning bolt from his right cheek the small hands with the stubby fingers... Read more »

The Closer You Get, The Farther You Are


This feminist, observant Jew is still searching for holiness in community — and a locus for her fullest self. 

Required Reading


More suggested reading about periods. 

Period Talk


Chanel Dubofsky on period-tracking apps, unsettling performance art, a new take on mikvah, and wiping away stigma and rusty taboos.

Like Toilet Paper, Free Tampons in Every Restroom!


Sarah Groustra on how her high-scool journalism led to free tampons in the town's bathrooms.

That Was Not My Plan!


New job, new city, new baby, new role as a rabbi’s wife. But the diagnosis outdid the rest.

Before Women’s Choices and Votes Counted


Cheer for Jewish activists who labored for women’s suffrage 99 years ago.

Ladies’ Days of Martinis and Forgetting


How pleasant to see a cheerful old person.—Anonymous  “Love your stole,” Lotte said to the handsome old woman at the party. “It’s grand and beautiful.” The woman thanked Lotte and her eyes flicked subliminally to the left, which meant that she didn’t know who Lotte was; nor could Lotte abort the identical tell on her... Read more »

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