Fall 2012

Consent and the single girl: 20- and 30-somethings talk about how to talk about it. New farming communities merge ecology and social justice. A think tank on remaking Jewish divorce.

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Lilith Feature

Jewish Divorce Now

Lilith Feature

Returning to the Garden

The New Jewish Devotion to Farming

Lilith Feature

2012 Newberger Poetry Winners

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Because these words existed before they could fill our mouths Because our parents said them and our grandparents and great- grandparents because they echo until they shed their meaning becoming... Read more »



Why not begin, simple in speech, plain in your mild rapture? As best you can, the way you see one broad leaf among the many, moved by light or the... Read more »

My Red Mustang


I was never one of these people who wears their car around them like some adorable child. Even in the early days when I drove down Broadway trying to sing... Read more »



The brilliant fiction writer now turns to the facts: how genes and culture will shape her Japanese-Jewish grandchild.

Consent and the Single Girl


Getting to yes, no, or maybe isn’t as easy as those campus posters suggest. What does consent mean to Jewish women in those years between Hillel and the huppah? A batch of 20- and 30-somethings gathered one evening to talk about how to talk about it.

Earth Mamas


People are often surprised when I mention that my mom has a farm outside of Toronto. “Has it been in your family for a long time?” they ask. “What do... Read more »



Each morning, before her father and brothers head out to the vineyard, Tirzah slips away to her family’s small pasture. Her home in the Judean hills is just a two-day... Read more »

Raising Survivors


Writing the biography of a child survivor of the Holocaust, she imagines the unimaginable - would her own little boys have made it through?

Man’s Absolute Right is Absolutely Wrong


Once optimistic, a longtime Orthodox feminist activist hits bottom on the issue of chained women — agunot — trapped by Jewish law. Her prescription for recalcitrance: “Remove power from the husband.”

Getting Away with the Gett


One woman struggles because her Orthodox husband won’t give her a gett. Another was coerced into accepting hers. If you’re female, you can be damned if you don’t — and, damned if you do, too.

Masha Gessen Takes on Vladimir Putin


The activist and journalist who unmasked the president of Russia now hopes for a new Russian revolution.

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