Fall 2011

Memoir! The life stories revealed in 35 years of Lilith. A female view of male circumcision. Guiding a child through her cancer. Saying Yizkor for a marriage. Re-considering Jewish sororities.

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The 500-Year-Old Rabbi


Susan Schnur interviews Barbara Aiello

A Woman’s View of Circumcision


This traditional Jewish rite of passage is how we welcome newborn boys. Now, it’s also inciting both anti-Semitism and a big dose of feminist ambivalence.

Mail-Order Bride: from Russia to the Dakota Prairie


The physical inspection was first. Eyes. Nose. On her chin, a thumb opened her jaw. The woman’s hands weren’t soft but they were dry, at least, like salted fish. Minna... Read more »

Guiding My Child Through Cancer


A rabbi/mom morphed five Jewish principles into rituals for pulling herself and her daughter through a hellish year.

A (Re)Consideration of Jewish Sororities


Flying in the face of the stereotypes, Kohn claims they could be precursors for social justice work.

Celebrating 35 Years of Jewish Women’s Stories


Why do Jewish women write memoir? A guided tour through the life stories revealed in Lilith’s pages — by women like, and very unlike, yourself.

Yizkor for a Marriage


He cheats. She mourns. The unexpected solace from a Jewish way of handling loss.

Cats & Angels


The Rebbetzin says angels follow you and defend you when you die — unless          you speak ill,in which case the angels are injured. They bruise blue... Read more »

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