Fall 2010

Visit a virtual Jewish world with your avatar. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg with Lilith in her chambers. The Jewish Museum's shows feminist art. Bris anxiety.

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Selling Children for Sex


Ugly and necessary truths from a courageous new documentary film.

To Bris or Not to Bris?


Stealing glances at little boys’ penises, a postmodern mother frets her way through the complexity of circumcision.

Deep in the Valley


It is Wednesday night and she drives to a motel deep in the valley. She has never been deep in the valley. The deep valley is far away. She loves the way deep in the valley sounds and she loves the thoughts she thinks about it.

Vilna Vegetarianism, 1938


Fania Lewando’s Yiddish cookbook and the restaurant that nourished an era’s Yiddish writers.

Size Matters


The curator of a dramatic new exhibition at New York’s Jewish Museum tells why he chose the paintings he did, and who might be included in our canon of Jewish feminist artists.

Virtually Jewish


A quirky online world inspires real-life Jewish engagement. Avatars (Javatars!) get all dressed up for shul, shabbos, and even getting virtually wasted at the Mitzvah Bar.

An Indispensable Member of the Supremes


Lilith’s staff photographer visits Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Washington.



Splitting your skin andstepping out of it — reptile, insect-like —is just one way of getting older.I see the lizard, snake, beetlethat I could becomein rough patches on my handsand... Read more »

A Knock at the Door in the Darkness of Night


Remembering that dreaded knock at her door in June 1967, an Israeli-American political scientist talks poignantly about her losses, about Israel’s chronic grief and what war costs women.

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