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Fall 2007

Seven eco-revolutionaries—farmer, lawyer, veggie pioneer, and more.  Hasidic bride walks down the aisle numb. Mother and daughter on wearing tfillin. The Israeli army in a feminist comic.

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Lilith Feature

Eco-Ushpizin: Women Take On The Environment

A Sukkot Invitation

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A true-life comic about a young and lonely American in the Israeli army.

The Fast


Hunger makes me an old woman.It is so much workstanding, sitting. This prayer book is too heavy.I don’t look up from it. The jointspalsy, they are becoming spirit. My sins belong to the plural, to the all. We have acted brazenly, deceitfully. We have shrugged off conscience,tormented our own hearts. The weight of we —... Read more »

First Rosh Hashanah


The words told me nothingI could understand.The melody tugged into paths I could losemy way on. I fingeredthe deep blue of my father’s jacket.High on a stage a manstood alone, floated his song, lush and green,into the slowevening air. His singing turnedto sobbing. I swiveledfrom my mother’s face to my father’s, watchedmy aunt, uncle, cousins.The... Read more »

Divided Loyalty


Why a Brooklyn girl of the 60's jubilantly smuggles Herman Hesse into her parents' Orthodox home.

And Don’t Miss Blogmeister: Leah Koenig, 25


Editor of “The Jew and the Carrot” (, the “ front page and voice of the emerging Jewish food movement,” a project of Hazon (

Activist/ Executive: Barbara Lerman-Golomb, 48


Lifelong Volunteer, She Brings Eco-Consciousness To Synagogues

Outdoor Educator: Nili Simhai, 35


Director Of The Teva Learning Center, She Teaches Judaism Through The Lens of Nature.

Veggie Pioneer: Dr. Roberta Kalechofsky, 76


Writer, Public Speaker, The Brains Behind Micah Publications (, The Source For Jewish Vegetarian And Animal rights Books

Betsy Teutsch—Modeling Thoughtful Consumption


Not long ago, my father died — he was a frugal, modest guy — and I came into some money. Woo. I needed to think about what to do with this money, and it struck me, even though our culture encourages constant material acquisition, that I really had everything I needed. I started to mull... Read more »

Legal Eagle: Tzipi Iser Itzik, 38


Across The Pond In Israel, She defends Air And Water

Truck Farmer: Esther Mandelheim Elliott, 28


With husband Pablo, she runs Stoney Lonesome Farm and its “eat local” CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Program) on 91 acres in Gainesville, Virginia.

Bring In The Show


Celebrating nearly 30 years of charting Jewish women’s lives with exuberance, rigor, clairvoyance, subversion, and tenderness, Lilith has created a stunning exhibition featuring the fresh ideas and germinal writers this magazine has published. You know that Lilith brings new ideas and interpretations of the zeitgeist before they become cover stories in other news magazines: “J.A.P.-baiting”... Read more »

Jewish Women’s Salons


Lilith magazine, the print “salon” for Jewish women’s conversations for nearly three decades, is now extending the excitement of Lilith into real-time talk. A Lilith salon is more free-flowing than a book club, not as spiritual as a rosh hodesh group nor as democratic as the PTA, and more intimate than a lecture. Lilith salons... Read more »



The award-winning Israeli novelist re-visions Jerusalem.

With This Wedding, I Leave Myself Behind


Walk with Lax down the aisle. She recounts how she became a bride: numb to the core, observing in minute detail the joy around her that she cannot reach.

First Frissons of Feminism


You’ve seen the Frédéric Brenner photograph. Now catch a mother-daughter pair telling how they got into it.

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