Fall 2001

Single, Jewish & female on the dating scene. Jewish women’s eggs are a hot commodity on the IVF market.  The winner of Lilith’s first annual fiction contest. A feminist take on books for young readers

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Lilith’s 5th Annual Selection of Books for Young Readers

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How to find the Big Dipper And The North Star


First, wait for the darkest night,and look up. Let go of the needto find pattern and meaning in anything,and just when you start to pride yourselfon your ability to love black chaos,the image of a dipper will appear.This will be the ladle that your mother usedto dole out steaming bowls of Sabbathsoup, celery floating like... Read more »

My Mother’s Face


My mother takes out her false teethand her face collapses.She is someone else’s Bubbe now,with huge, sad eyes,gumming words as if they are chicken bones. I have seen my mother without her teethas if teeth are the tent poles that hold the shape of the world.Under the tarp of pleated fleshis the whole dark sky,... Read more »

New Historical Fiction


Rivka’s Way by Teri Kanefield, Front Street/Cricket Books, $15.95 Rivka Lieberman, a 15-year-old Jewish girl living in the Prague Ghetto in the 19th Century, is different from her friends, who arc all content to marry and live their lives within the confines of the Ghetto walls. “Am I the only girl in the world cursed... Read more »

The Things We Do


There is so much food here for the living. With each taste of strudel you and I mourn the dead’s missed chance, and celebrate our luck at living, the flavors of cinnamon and apples mixing on our tongues. We grieve by chewing; it is always this way at shiva. All week I have thought about... Read more »

Jewish Woman’s Eggs


Advertisements for Jewish women’s eggs—like this one, which appeared in the Columbia University Spectator last April—have been manning in college papers at Brown, Harvard, Princeton and other elite schools across the country. Even more-explicit ads appear regularly in The Justice, the Brandeis student paper, where a “Professional Jewish couple” offers a young woman with four... Read more »

Finessing the Whole Issue of Forgiveness; Using Art To Precipitate Morning


Tamar Rogoff, a 54-year-old experimental- theatre artist and choreographer, is famous for turning impossible things into “art.” She did a show in which the actors were six-month-old babies, another in which the actors were both blind and deaf, and yet a third in which a plot unfolded-is this improbable, or what?-through honest-to-God insomniacs trying to... Read more »

Beyond Forgiveness


Can we free ourselves from a model meant for men? During the penitential High Holiday season, can we learn how to get beyond the binary, male construct of "forgiving" vs "not forgiving"? Lilith’s Editor at Large teaches us that shleymut (a spiritual and emotional wholeness), not simpleminded forgiveness, will emancipate us from our hurts. Plus—a new book and two remarkable films to illuminate our thinking.

To be Single and Jewish and Female in the Internet Age


Sex in the Jewish City; Lilith takes you to the frontlines of the Jewish dating scene, telling you how to be safe, savvy and successful as a SJF.

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