Fall 1995

After mastectomy, some healing rituals. Manya: the visionary who invented the kibbutz. Marcia Falk’s alternative feminist prayer book. Erica Jong chats.

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Lilith Feature

A Foretaste of the Prayer Book to Come

Excerpts from Marcia Falk's complete alternative feminist prayer book (with prayers re-written in both English and Hebrew)

Lilith Feature

A Special Section on Mastectomy

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A college student pays a call on the novelist who practically invented guilt-free sex, and talk to her about mothers, daughters and Jewish men.

Our (forgotten) Foremother: Manya Shohat (1880-1961)


Who was Manya Wilbusevitz Shohat, and why didn’t we know before this that she rode wild horses, smuggled arms to Russian revolutionaries, insisted on teaching Arabic to Zionists, and invented the kibbutz?

Helping a Friend through Breast Cancer: Our Experience


When Margy, one of the women in our Rosh Hodesh group, shared with us that she had breast cancer and had decided on a bilateral mastectomy, our group gathered together to create... Read more »

Mastectomy: Twelve Months After Surgery


As the first anniversary of my mastectomy approached, I viewed the occasion with mixed emotions. It had been a year of challenges and discoveries, sadness, fear and fortitude. It had... Read more »

What God Takes: Bris and Mastectomy


It is your eighth day of life and tine day of your brit milah, the covenant between every Jewish boy and his Creator. I lean against the wall like a... Read more »

Humble Hour


My clear, humble hour- when I carried a bundle of straw for the newborn calf and bent down and spread the straw beneath her quivering wetness, my trembling hand playing... Read more »

Blessing the Beloved


One partner:How fineyour are, my love,how fine you are. The other partner:How fineare you, my love,what joy is ours. Together:Of all pleasure,how sweetis the taste of love.

Putting on the Prayer Shawl


Recalling the generations. I wrap myself in the talit. May my mind be clear. my spirit open as I envelop myself in prayer.

Blessing before Going to Sleep


Sleep descending, on my lids, on my limbs, I call to mind the gifts of the day— the gift of this day— and give thanks.

Sh’ma: Personal Declaration of Faith


Hear, O Israel—The divine abounds everywhereand swells in everything;the many are One. Loving lifeand its mysterious sourcewith all my heartand all my spirit,all my senses and strength,I take upon myselfand... Read more »

Getting Annulled


What happens when the Catholic Church cancels out a Jewish-Jewish marriage? Here are the travails of Jewish women whose ex-husbands have decided to remarry Catholic women.

My First Days at Kheder


A vivid—-and rare—-autobiographical portrait of Jewish girls’ school days 165 years ago, at the dawning of the Enlightenment. Wengeroff’s story, according to scholar Shulamit Magnus, represents the first time a major epoch of Jewish history is refracted through a female lens. Plus...Susan Schnur on gendered Jewish history, telling us that loss characterized Jewish modernity for women—-but not for men.



How Girls Eat As a Jewish college-aged woman, I too have dealt with many issues regarding food and negative images of my body [“Jewish Women and Food,” Summer ’95]. The... Read more »

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