Fall 1994

A retrospective of Lilith’s first 18 years. Young Jewish feminists who are changing the future. Bat Mitzvahs: improving on a feminist rite of passage.

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Jewish Judys & Judiths


An elite group, these J’s and J’s. No Susans or Robins need apply for membership, but the author generously offers to share her expertise in homonymic organizing (much more fun than it sounds).

Bat Mitzvah / Bar Mitzvah


A family therapist—-the reigning expert on this simcha—-gives us broader ways to appreciate this year of under-acknowledged growth and crisis, especially for us mothers.

In One Family, the Intergenerational Saga of the Bat Mitzvah Dress


A mother and daughter come to understand that part of this rite of passage is a WHOLE exceptional day together. A solution in search of a problem.

Bat Mitzvah in the 90’s


It used to be about being "as good as the guys." Today it’s an exhilarating opportunity to improve on tradition. Here’s a spot check of some wonderful celebrations. Plus, doing it at summer camp or in the Rockies, transforming Bubbe and Grandpa, and a list of invaluable resources.

Resource List for Jewish Women’s Education


We’d never have found a listing like this 18 years ago! Jewish women are the best educated women in North America (by a long shot); here’s where we can go to fill in the gaps—-large and larger—-in our Jewish education.

Women to Watch During the Next 18 Years


Meet some of the energetic, focused and effective Jewish feminists born just a few years before LILITH. They’re changing the future: photographing in the Dead Sea, organizing nonagenarian women in a nursing home, lampooning their oppressors onstage. Hey! Can you believe how motivated and fearless they are? Calanit Dovere, Julie Blane, Lauren Eichler, Shana Sippy, Rachel Dobkin, Loolwa Khazzoom, Deborah Morgan, Deborah Rosenwald Levy, Allegra Goodman, Ruth Gerson, Jennifer Kolsky, Diane Kaston and Yael Ridberg.

Lilith Looks Back


A look back over the changes of the last 18 years by Lilith's Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder. Who was there in the beginning and what has changed with the times?



What were the texts and experiences that shaped these notable women into feminist Jews? Crystallizing the moment revealed by Cynthia Ozick, Marge Piercy, Bella Abzug, Francine Klagsbrun, Susannah Heschel, E.M. Broner, Aviva Cantor, Marcia Falk, Evelyn Torton Beck, Barbara Levy Kipper, Harriet Lerner, Alicia Ostriker, Faye Moskowitz, Vanessa Ochs, Alexandra Lebenthal, Lynne Landsberg, Riv-Ellen Prell, Judith Plaskow, Nessa Rapoport, Peninnah Schram, Alice Shalvi and Savina J. Teubal.

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