Fall 1992

Holocaust scholar Eliach shares her photographer family’s cache of photographs taken in pre-Nazi Eastern Europe. Two women marry each other and in the process bring their families together.

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A la Recherche du Taiglach Perdu


A short search for our mothers in ourselves, with surprising findings.



Leaning against the window when World War II ended, a febrile Jewish girl sees her family warring just as the country finds peace.

Politics ’92


A behind-the-scenes look at election-year politics in Israel and the United States—-with some great quotes you didn’t hear on CNN plus a listing of where to invest your political dollars.



I enjoy LILITH tremendously and have given numerous gift subscriptions to friends. I find it to be fun, exciting, at times spiritually uplifting and certainly informative. I was especially moved... Read more »

Lesbian Wedding


Two women marry one another and in the process, surprisingly, create many reconciliations in their families by sowing healing, joy and empathy all around.

Yaffa Eliach’s Pre-Holocaust Portraits


Holocaust scholar Eliach shares her family’s cache of photos, soon to be installed in a major exhibit. Her mother and grandmother were both professional photographers; without knowing it they documented daily life in a world that is no more.

Shekhina: The Door To The Soul


Cast aside all that book-learnin’! Here’s a fantasy to help us imagine what it would be like to encounter the Shekhina—the feminine, nurturing aspects of God—in all the little rooms of our lives.

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