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Fall 1988/5749

Nine political issues for the 1990s. A ceremony for a first period. Sacred moments from Fran Liebowitz, Debbie Friedman and more. “A Letter to Harvey Milk:” Leslea Newman’s short story.

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A Feminists Confronts her Identity in Germany


At Dachau, a young American feminist confronts her conflicts.

A Letter to Harvey Milk


The teacher says we should write about our life, everything that happened today. So nu, what’s there to tell? Why should today be different than any other day? May 5, 1986. I get up. I have myself a coffee, a little cottage cheese, half an English muffin. I get dressed. I straighten up the house... Read more »

To Buddhism and Back


After years of search, a Jewish woman finally finds home.

Sharing Sacred Moments


A group of women--share their spiritual highs. Plus, a prayer from their 18th century counterpart, unearthed by Nina Beth Cardin.

Becoming A Crone: Ceremony At 60


Giving the "crone" back her good name 

Turning 12: A Menarche Ceremony


A woman’s group celebrates a daughter’s menarche.

An Interview with Marcia Falk


Poet and liturgist Falk talks about why she needed to rewrite the prayers we take for granted.

9 Issues for the 90s


How should Jewish women be investing their political energies to shape the decade to come? Find out here.

Lines Of Communication


From My Tzedakah Box To the Editor: I emptied my tzedakah box this month and decided to send it to LILITH. You seem to be coming more regularly now. Congratulations. I have always loved the magazine. by Eleanor Kretzer, North Hollywood CA Abuse in Jewish Families To the Editor: We were pleased to see LILITH... Read more »

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