The Jewish stake in abortion rights. Women in the Israeli army. A U.N. conference on women raises ugly issues. Immigrant foremothers, circa 1900. Diary of Rose Pastor Stokes, sweatshop laborer.

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Introducing a new column – a platform for opinion by Jewish women on issues of the day.

The Picture


A short story about a child of Holocaust survivors

Copenhagen: One Year Later


Jewish women who attended last year’s United Nations Mid-Decade Conference on Women finally begin to deal with their traumatizing anti-Semitic experience—-and its significance for feminism.

Women in the Israeli Army


Shuli Eshel’s documentary "TO BE A WOMAN SOLDIER" shows what Israeli women really do in the army: serve coffee, not their country. An interview by Susan Weidman Schneider.

Voice from the Sweatshop


From the unpublished autobiography of the early 20th century radical.

Working Daughters


Jewish immigrant women and their parents viewed their jobs as a rite-of-passage into adulthood, and so did their parents.

The Daughter that Fearing Fathers


You who brood on raping Sabine women, who dream of ramming rods blood-full and juicy into warm soft unawakened maidens, graceful, slim, stain-barked young birch trees or large-eyed nervous-nostriled velvet... Read more »

No More Rachels


What if there were no more Rachels Striding, graceful and confident, to the well? Each woman would cast her eyes down When a man looked at her And she would... Read more »

Nidah (The Menstruant)


I cannot enter the sanctuary Or share the communal supper. Everything on which I sit is unclean, And my touch makes any man impure Until the evening. I cannot enter... Read more »

The Jewish Stake in Abortion Rights


Life lessons from the mythological Lilith. Betty Friedan on her feminine mystique & being Jewish. Those thorny Jewish women's organizations.

Lines of Communication


Dear LILITH: As Jewish women with a deep commitment to Jewish-Christian dialogue, we read with interest your articles in Issue #7 by Judith Plaskow and Annette Daum. As Jews, we... Read more »

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