The Triangle Fire as a comic-strip narrative. Judith Plaskow and Annette Daum on Christian feminist anti-Semitism. Why can’t women say kaddish? How to get what we want by the year 2000.

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Reclaiming a ritual

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In Memoriam: Ethel Rosenberg


Ethel Rosenberg

Ruth Kluger 1906-1980


I met Ruth quite by accident, at a restaurant in Tel Aviv. I was with the Director of the Israel Government Tourist Office, for I was doing travel articles on... Read more »

The Kaddish


A young girl’s struggle to be her father’s "Kaddish" finds an important ally in her grandfather.

Over My Dead Body…


How the funeral prayer diminishes women.

The Mourning Minyan


Saying Kaddish is a consciousness-raiser when two sisters try to honor their mother’s memory.

The Triangle Fire


Retold in comic-strip form by Trina Robbins

Reclaiming Jewish Herstory


Up from the footnotes.

How To Get What We Want by the Year 2000


A cross-section of Jewish feminist activists dream a different future, and chart the course toward it.

Feminists and Faith


LILITH: Let’s pick up on the article about Christian feminist anti-Semitism. Where, precisely, is it occurring? Among which elements in the church? PLASKOW: First let me describe the two levels... Read more »

Blaming Jews for the Death of the Goddess


Some recent feminist spiritual writing reveals old biases in new books.

Blaming Jews for Inventing Patriarchy


There is a new myth developing in Christian feminist circles. It is a myth which tells us that the ancient Hebrews invented patriarchy: that before them the goddess reigned in... Read more »

Prophecy or Paranoia?


The subject we’ve been avoiding: it doesn’t only happen in France.

Lines of Communication


Dear LILITH: I thoroughly enjoyed Cynthia Ozick’s “Notes Toward Finding the Right Question ” [issue #6]. Having fought these battles for so long, I had thought that I was past... Read more »

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