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The Spin Cycle: Another Look at Hillary Clinton and the Photoshop Fiasco

In the immediate aftermath of Bin Laden’s death, the meme-conducive photo of Obama, et. al., in the Situation Room quickly made the rounds. Some of the digital manipulations were quite satisfying— President Obama holding a video game controller, or Keanu Reeves sitting at the table, calmly participant-observing. Then, whoops! Just as fast as a squirrel… Read more »

The Spin Cycle:Happy National Coming Out Day…?

The much-discussed disintegration of the boundary between the public and private spheres on the internet has real-life implications. As much as DADT is on the radar, as often as gay marriage reaches the senate floor, the transition to high-tech media increasingly brings personal (not policy) stories to the very public fore. These personal stories can end with victory or tragedy.

The Spin Cycle: Shirley Sherrod Shifts the Paradigm

Welcome back to The Spin Cycle, Lilith’s online forum for media analysis. Racism, sexism, and the real-life political power of modern media played out with a vengeance this week in the total horror-show of Shirley Sherrod’s firing from her position at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Over twenty years ago, this woman of color publicly… Read more »

The Spin Cycle: Man Walks into a Blurb

Hi again, and welcome back to The Spin Cycle, Lilith’s online forum for media analysis. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Say you’re a man. Say you’re an Israeli man. Say you’re an Israeli man writing a novel in Hebrew. Say the novel’s about a woman. Say you’d like some people to buy your book.… Read more »

The Spin Cycle: Feminist blogs: Feminist? blogs?

Hello, friends of the Lilith blog, and welcome to The Spin Cycle! This is Sonia, your friendly neighborhood moderator. I’ll be posting regularly about my thoughts on the media and (post-?)modernity from a Jewish feminist perspective. Can’t wait to hear your feedback! The blogosphere lit up this week in a small flurry of virtual feminist… Read more »