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Women’s Roundtable Podcast: Abortion in Israel

In this installment, we take a look at abortion in Israel and the ways in which Jewish women are shaping American politics. Plus–the ladies tackle the topic of “what Jewish feminism means to me.”

Women’s Roundtable Podcast: Wage Gaps and the Pill

This month, Lilith’s editor in chief Susan Weidman Schneider and assistant editor Sonia Isard chat with Gabrielle Birkner and Jane Eisner of the Forward about the latest hot topics, including the ever-present pay gap between men and women–even in the Jewish communal workforce and whether or not oral contraceptives have led to a fertility crisis.

A Reading from Naomi Replansky

Bronx-born poet Naomi Replansky, now 91 years old, reads her poems in this exclusive Lilith podcast. Download Podcast She has published the collections Ring Song (Scribners, 1952; a National Book… Read more »