Category: Nothing New Under the Sun

News is almost never new. In this column, Lilith sees the issues and subjects of its earlier reporting back in the headlines.

Link Roundup: Breast Cancer Awareness

Everyday, we come across interesting articles and wonderful resources for Jewish feminists. Now we are bringing them directly to you in a new feature of the Lilith blog, our weekly Link Roundup. Each week we’ll post highlights from around the web.

Nothing New Under The Sun:It's a Nobel Kinda Day

The dust is starting to settle after the annual flurry surrounding the awarding of Nobel Prizes. From the Medicine award for IVF (we’ve written about that!), to noting the blatant absence of women among the winners, this year gave us lots to think about. The literature prize, especially, put us in mind to re-visit Evelyn Torton Beck’s sharp-as-a-tack 1979 review of I. B. Singer’s Misogyny.

Nothing New Under the Sun: The Enduring Fight for Abortion Rights

Whoa! What a buzz is in the air already this election season! When Planned Parenthood’s reaction to the New York State primaries fell into our hands, it reminded us of a few articles from Lilith’s long history of rigorous reporting on the state of pro-choice politics. For just one example, have a look at editor in chief Susan Weidman Schneider’s 1990 piece, “The Anti-Choice Movement: Bad News for Jews.”