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Death Passed Me Over

By recreating my trauma onscreen, I understood Passover in a new way.

I Sing the Body Asexual

I am a sex-positive feminist and a sex-neutral asexual and a Modern Orthodox woman all at once. I am a sexually liberated woman.

Birthing Maccabiah

I can think of nothing more exciting than at 45, in a place that I consider my home away from home, to be reborn as a serious table tennis competitor.

Look Ma, I’m Trans!

In a bittersweet turn of fate, it was my family’s chauvinism that cemented my social status as a woman.

Poetry: History

A Yiddish-inflected expression of pride with rich wisdom and “humor to spare.”

Blood and Boundaries

A Re-Reading of the Torah portion Tazria-Metzora for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Poetry: Eighteen Ways of Looking at Property

A sharply composed collage-poem that provokes us to perceive connections, to recognize the reality of multiple convictions in our troubled time, and to ask ourselves: What now? What then?

Poetry: Know Your Place

Impossible requirements for assimilation then turn into rasping hate-speech that evolves into sneer, into threat.

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