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The V-Word Strikes Again

So apparently, “vagina” is the new bad word at John Jay High School in New York. So bad, in fact, that you can be suspended for saying it at an open mic session, which is exactly what happened to three female students just recently. That they were performing a selection from Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues”,… Read more »

No Laughing Matter?

We all know the joke about how many feminists it takes to screw in a lightbulb. (“Just one–and it’s not funny.“) You would think this stereotype might be combated by the assumption that we Jews are so inherently funny (as so many have worked so hard to prove). But I imagine in this case, feminist… Read more »

Barbie’s To-Do List: Lay Tefillin, Pick Up Nobel Prize…

As a Jewish woman who considers herself an ardent feminist, I never know if my (spoken or unspoken) messages to my daughter have registered. And as a mother and grandmother, I try to follow the advice of a friend who has told me the importance of keeping my lips zipped whenever I can contain myself.… Read more »

Tallitot Redux

Lilith makes the (web)pages of the JWA blog as people discuss “that tallit article” from our Fall 2006 issue. Check out the post. (Also stay tuned for a photo of the much-discussed Tefillin Barbie in our WInter issue.) Subscribe to Lilith MagazineDonate to Lilith

Among the Nations

I know we’re just past the season where we have to repent our sins, but I just finished reading the incomparable Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt. I loved it, and in solidarity with all of the excellent essayists therein, I thought I’d confess to something that often causes me to grapple with my own… Read more »

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