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Food for Thought: A New Anthology Digs In

“When I eat a knish, when I drink a chocolate egg cream, when I butter a board of matzoh, I feel connected to my heritage and generations of my family.”

Loving Jerusalem, the City of Many Stories

It’s true that the city erupts in violence and that all the cups of coffee and kenafe in the world can’t fix everything or make it all better.

But it’s also true that Jerusalem is a place of possibilities and of miracles––a place with the potential to connect all who love her.

Daughters of the Occupation

“Silence has underscored my life, with my grandmother hiding her Russian Jewish past from her daughters and, in turn, my mother hiding it from me until I was eighteen years old.”

When Women Were Sent Away …

Roe v. Wade spelled the end of the need to put your life on hold if you became pregnant by accident.

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