Author: Michelle Brafman

Desperately Seeking Yeast

On day nine of Governor Hogan’s quarantine, I embarked upon a journey to find yeast. My daughter, uprooted from her college life, had decided that she wanted to make challah… Read more »

A Prayer for the Nameless

On the eve of this Yom Kippur, I offer this prayer for anyone who has ever lost a pregnancy. 

Money Matters!

We asked each woman to say one word they associate with money. Some of the angst-ridden responses: stressful, overwhelming, necessary, disorganized, illiterate, relevant, complex, and socially constricted.

A Hand Through the Mechitza

I grew up in a synagogue with a mechitza, and I never thought much about this gender segregation until my first semester in college.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Me

I was walking out of Barnes & Noble on a warm May afternoon when I spotted him, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, or, shall I say, his four-disc audio book.