Author: Elizabeth Mandel

Elizabeth Mandel is a documentary filmmaker with a special interest in women’s empowerment and gender-based violence. She co-directed the 2010 documentary “Pushing the Elephant,” about a Congolese mother and daughter.
King & Mandela

In memory of Mr. Mandela and in honor of MLK Day, I share my mother’s memories.

Goldieblox and the Three Girls

Three girls who overturn media assumptions by building a Rube Goldberg machine using a pink tea set.

Feminists in Focus: A Peaceful Middle East

The media is replete with violent images of Palestinians, Israelis and Muslims; of veiled Muslim women subjected to the will of the men in their lives; of a sense of hopelessness regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The recent documentary film “Budrus,” directed by Julia Bacha, offers an alternative version to this story, and through that, hope for an alternative vision for the future.