Author: Eleanor J. Bader

Creating Art for Our “Dire Times”

Like many of us, artist Marcia Annenberg is worried. First, there’s climate change. Then there’s the growing erosion of U.S. democracy.

Making Murals in the Public Interest

…the paintings would address some of the most burning issues of the 1980s: feminism, gentrification, immigration, and police brutality.

“Not too long ago, some of the people who broke U.S. law to come into the country were Jews.”

Garland’s fascinating and painstakingly detailed analysis reveals that thousands of Jews—exact numbers are, of course, unavailable—opted to break the quota laws and enter the U.S. illegally. Desperate to leave anti-Semitism and poverty behind them, they traveled from their countries of origin to Canada, Cuba or Mexico, hoping to evade immigration authorities as they crossed into the goldene medina.