Author: Eleanor J. Bader

Fresh Art for Social Change…and Healing

 I am proud that fresh art has been able to provide underserved folks with an opportunity to express themselves and, for a few hours a week, maybe feel a little better about their lives. I hope this has made a lasting difference for them.

Toxic Tango: Site-Specific Art for Environmental Crisis

Performed just twice, in South Bend, Indiana, and Washington, DC, Toxic Tango aims to raise consciousness, unsettle viewers, and provoke debate about how best to promote tikkun olam, the healing of our devastated planet.

The Relevance of Grace Paley in the Trump Era

Grace is one of our great teachers; she believed that righteous action creates goodness. We can learn from her in our struggle to resist the horrific Trump administration.

Standing Up for Immigrant Families, One Case at a Time

I was horrified by what I saw and, in the middle of the hearing, I jumped into the center aisle, raised my hand, and asked the judge if she would grant a continuance so that I could find an attorney for this child.