Author: Chanel Dubofsky

How Repealing the ACA Could Specifically Impact Jewish Women

One thing is clear about the dismantling of the A.C.A. and the defunding of Planned Parenthood: people who need preventative care the most, including Jewish women, won’t be able to afford it, and the results of that fact will be devastating.

It’s Always a Scene at the Clinic

At the clinic,  there is the usual bank of protesters at the curb, holding pictures of white skinned Jesus and white skinned babies, along with large crosses. 

My “Good Woman” Brain

It’s this “good woman” brain that comes back when I do things like stop eating dairy. It’s the same thing that used to happen when I kept kosher.

Putting My Mother Back Together

Really, I am just trying to put her back together. The woman I knew as my mother was dismantled, by illness and by fear and trouble, but there’s the person I didn’t know, ever, and I am trying to find her.

A Blue Slip and a Bag of Letters

There are two new things of relevance. First is a blue slip, belonging to my grandmother, which I unearthed from a bag of other things of hers in a closet.

On Not Knowing

Information about my mother can be divided into three categories: things I know, things I don’t know, and things I have been told.