Author: Bonnie Beth Chernin

Bonnie Beth Chernin lives in Queens with her husband, daughter, and cat. She works as a staff writer for a Jewish non-profit and writes essays and fiction when she can.
Stepping Toward Minyan

“It is impermissible to read the Torah publicly or perform a wedding or recite Kaddish or other prayers with an extra measure of holiness without the presence of a minyan…Put differently, the demand for a minyan gives expression to the supreme importance in Judaism of community.”

Bema Comfort

I attended religious school, called Hebrew School back then, at a time when girls didn’t see much bema action. So flashforward forty-some years when I find myself a member of an egalitarian congregation with ushers who one Shabbat morning offer me the sixth aliyah.

Hope for Deliverance

“I don’t like to think about the future. It freaks me out,” my nine-year-old daughter Rachel announces from the back of the car. She stopped using a booster seat a month ago, her height finally sufficient to require a simple seat belt. Her announcement is in response to a Scholastic News article. Her third-grade class… Read more »