Author: Amy Stone

The Haggadah Dilemma

The matzahs are gone; the ongoing question remains: Has anyone found a satisfying haggadah? For the past two years, we’ve used the slim paperback egalitarian “Family Haggadah” by Elie M. Gindi. Not great but good and plenty of room for personal input. But the search for a better haggadah remains far more daunting than the… Read more »

Pesach dead hand of the past

(April 8, 2009) I am fuming. I was just in West Side Judaica (Manhattan’s Upper West Side) where a little boy was saying to his grandparents, “We need a Miriam’s Cup.” Grandfather (60-something, could pass for a liberal-congenial-spirit): “No, we don’t.” Moi (seething): “Yes you do.” Grandfather: “What did Miriam do?” Moi: “She provided the… Read more »