Author: Amy Stone

Occupy Judaism – More Than A Damn Good Slogan?

Is Occupy Judaism no more than a great slogan, springing from the head of social media maven Daniel J. Sieradski? Or is it verbal fuel with the power to ignite a democratic free-for-all within Judaism akin to the Occupy Wall Street movement it supports? With the end of the High Holiday activities connected to OWS… Read more »

Kol Nidre Alongside Occupy Wall Street

You’ve got to be attracted to a call to a Yom Kippur service next to the Occupy Wall Street protesters, especially when the Facebook invite starts with a quote from Rabbi Abraham Joshua  Heschel: “Prayer is meaningless unless it is subversive, unless it seeks to overthrow and to ruin the pyramids of callousness, hatred, opportunism,… Read more »

Out and Ordained – An Update

Before updating Lilith readers on the story “Out and Ordained,” in Lilith’s current issue, a few corrections to the published piece: –While Rachel Isaacs is the first openly gay rabbinical student to be ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary, the seminary’s first openly gay rabbinical student is Aaron Weininger. He entered as a first-year rabbinical… Read more »

Today we’re all gay…

Today we’re all gay… Yes, yes, we’re still in the afterglow. The dinosaurs of Albany, more known for corruption and dysfunction, have stunned and delighted us by making same-sex marriage legal in the Empire State. The 33-to-29 victory in the State Senate came from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s determination to give gays civil rights – pulled… Read more »

Missing Esther Broner

I’ve just come home from Esther Broner’s funeral. Esther got the A-list of speakers at her funeral. It was the list she put together right after her beloved husband, Robert, died exactly one year and one day before her. (With those close to her describing her slowly succumbing to failing heart and lungs, I imagine… Read more »