Author: Amy Stone

Sacred Rights in a Time of Terror

Sacred Rights, Sacred Song says: Women need to be treated as fully equal citizens of the Jewish State NOW. This is not a luxury for peaceful times. 

Get Thee to “Gett”

“Gett” may be the catalyst that will build national support for giving women a voice under divorce law.

A Daughter’s Take on Her Red Father

“Red Father,” a new documentary by Israeli-born sculptor Tova Beck-Friedman, tells the story of Bernard Ades, American Communist, through the voice of his daughter Janet Ades. 

May Her Brisket Be for a Blessing

Maybe our next Girls’ Night In will be the recipes our mothers scribbled down for us.  Recipes from the ‘50s and ‘60s when families stayed home for dinner and, hopefully, dessert was more than canned fruit cocktail embedded in Jello.